Sunday, November 23, 2008

Episode #001 - The beginning...

After nearly a year of talking, planning, and synchronizing, "Strange Frequencies Radio" is finally here. And, wouldn't you know it? There were snags.

While we are very happy with the way the show turned out, our very first guest was unable to appear because of illness. But it's okay! We filled the time just fine. We got to discuss what our hopes for the show will be and what we'll be discussing. Basically, not only the world of ghosts and hauntings, but also cryptozoology, psychics, myths and legends, conspiracy theories, and on and on.

Aside from things of this nature, we also want to give our thoughts and opinion on the paranormal community in general. And one of the biggest hot button issues in the field as of late has been the most recent live Halloween special presented by TAPS on the Sci-Fi show "Ghost Hunters." Having recently reviewed the "jacket tug" and disembodied voice fiasco for ourselves, we all pretty much came to the determination that the show is being put on, and headed in the wrong direction at a seriously rapid pace.

After this, however, we did get to interview Robyn McKinney, the creator of MyGhostNetwork, a paranormal networking site. And one of our favorite places online! We talked about the webpage, her own paranormal investigation group, and theories about ghosts.

Of course, our announcer Matt couldn't quite make it through the opening of the interview because he had hit the bathroom. Hilarity ensued as Bobby and I looked over at him and he was grimacing, face crimson, pointing his stomach and mouthing words like, "I have to crap." He got up, snuck out and into the bathroom. Bobby looked at the notes Matt had in front of him. There, plain as day, he had scrawled in agony, "I hate my stomach." Oh good times!

So, ladies and gentleman, these are the kind of things that go on during interviews at Strange Frequencies that no one knows about. Except for us, of course. And now you.

All in all, it was a great show. Fun, informative and opinionated. And, maybe, just a little bit controversial. But, hey, that's how we like it. Check it out online at Strange Frequencies Radio, or by going to our Myspace page.

Stay tuned!


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